Shirley Kout

Vocal Production Coach

Shirley is a Master Director of two international choruses. She "retired" from directing large international competitive choruses 2003, and came out of retirement to direct the Modesto's River Lights chorus, a small chorus in Region 12. Since that time has led them to A Level Division Championships and regional medals.

Shirley has been a member of Sweet Adelines International for 50 years and is a Certified International Faculty Specialist for Sweet Adelines International, and a certified Judge in the Sound and Music categories for Regional and International competitions. During her time as a Sweet Adeline, she has sung baritone in many high achieving quartets.

She travels the world coaching various ensembles, choruses and quartets, and she is recognized as a dynamic, talented musical leader and a world-renowned music educator and coach. Her unique style of teaching and coaching in the barbershop idiom has made her the number one choice for coaching many of the top choruses throughout the world.

Shirley has taught at music schools and international music symposiums, chairing innumerable music seminars and serving on various international committees.

We are so fortunate to have worked with her this past fall.