Bari'd Treasure

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Bari'd Treasure first came together to sing as a quartet in March 2016. As the name suggests, Bari'd Treasure is a baritone-dominated quartet, as three of the members have sung as baritones during their Sweet Adelines ventures, and the fourth member, the tenor, has a baritone personality. Singing together has become a highly valued and cherished experience for this quartet; hence, the name Bari'd Treasure evolved. 

All four of these barbershop enthusiasts have been members of the Boston Skyline Chorus (BSC) for several years. Lois Jensen (lead) can be heard singing from the windows of her home in Auburn, MA and is a project manager at a major insurance company. Lois has been a Sweet Adeline for 36 years and a member of BSC for 16 years. Joyce Nishinaga (tenor) resides in Arlington, MA and is a web application software developer, currently working for the state of MA. Joyce has been a tenor with BSC for 13 years. Michele Bokun (bass) calls Lexington, MA her home, and recently left the world of technology management to become an occupational therapist. Michele has been a BSC member for 11 years, 8.5 of which were as a baritone. Jill Connor (baritone) entertains her neighbors practicing her harmonies in Acton, MA and is a dedicated 5th grade public school teacher. Jill is the newbiest Sweet Adeline with 6 years in BSC. 

Bari'd Treasure is proud to be an all-BSC quartet and we are extremely grateful for the supportive mentoring and coaching we have received from our BSC chorus director, Wendy Pachter. We look forward to entertaining others with our growing repertoire and hope to perform for competition in the near future.