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Boston Skyline Chorus

Welcome to Boston Skyline Chorus!

Celebrating World Singing Day! 

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Boston Skyline has a new Venue!!!  Knights of Columbus 177 Bedford St # 1, Lexington, MA 02420

Our Flower Power fundraiser was a huge success thanks to your generous support!!  Can't wait to see until Spring to see the colors!

Are you a woman who loves to sing? Enjoy the sound and feeling of harmonizing? Come check out Boston Skyline Chorus!

You don’t need to read music to sing with us, and we offer multiple ways to become more knowledgeable about the nuts-and-bolts and art of singing well!  

If you have ever wondered what we are like during rehearsals, or ever considered joining, now is a great time to find out!

 Please email [email protected]


Boston Skyline is just beginning to rehearse in person safely.  Contact membership@bostonskylinechorus.org

"Boston Skyline Chorus Online Music School-Fine

Tune your skills" was a huge success!  Check out a live rehearsal to continue to share the harmony!

Follow us on Facebook - Instagram - Meetup(links below)

Our Flower Power Fundraiser has ended!  Let music and flowers bring harmony to all






We are now rehearsing in person safely.  Please contact membership@bostonskylinechorus.org for more info.

Tuesday's Zoom Rehearsal link when we can't rehearse in person...We will post if we are meeting online!


Our Online Singing School will met Tuesday evenings. Education is a part of weekly rehearsal and our Director, Wendy, brings a wealth of experience to meet every learning style. You don't need to read music to sing with us, but you do need a desire to learn.